Mortgage Approval Before You Start Your Home Search

Realtors and home sellers want to know that the buyer is “approved” for a mortgage. There are several levels:

  • First, a brief look at credit and income
  • Next, an automated underwriting system
  • Lastly, a complete underwriting approval that guarantees your status as a ready and willing buyer

1st Eagle Mortgage offers this complete underwriting approval system while you’re looking for a home. We don’t need an address.

This results in the assurance that you’ll get the mortgage once you find a home, and also shortens the time from contract to closing.

Call 1st Eagle Mortgage at 847-441-4116

Herb Levin

About Herb Levin

Herb has decades of experience in the mortgage industry. He prides himself in providing his clients with personal service and a comfortable and educational experience. A native of the Chicagoland area, Herb knows how to conduct high powered business with Midwest class. Connect and follow Herb at the social media links below.
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