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Can You Be Approved for a Home Loan Without A Contract?

Realtors and home sellers want to know that the buyer is approved for a mortgage. There are several levels of “approval” beginning with a brief look at credit and income. The next level would be an automated underwriting system, and finally a complete underwriting approval that guarantees you’re a ready and willing buyer. It can save time and disappointment if you know you’re approved for a mortgage without a purchase agreement.

1st Eagle Mortgage offers this complete underwriting approval system while you’re looking for a home. We don’t need an address. This results in the assurance that you’ll get the mortgage once you find a home and also shortens the time from contract to closing. Once your offer is accepted and the home passes inspection, we’ll order the appraisal. Once done, the contract and appraisal are reviewed by the underwriter and we can close within days, not weeks.

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