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How Soon Can You Purchase A Home After A Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Or Short Sale?

How about 1 day?

In the past if you had a Bankruptcy you would have to wait 2 years with an FHA loan and 4 years with a conventional loan. With a Foreclosure the wait would be at least 3 years (FHA loan) and 7 years with a non-FHA loan. A VA (for military veterans) loan requires a 2 year waiting period.

I can reduce the waiting period to 1 day after completion of a bankruptcy or foreclosure. Call me at 847-441-4116 or send me an email – herb@1steaglemortgage.lowcosttest.com – if you or someone you know has had one of these “life events” and wishes to purchase a new home without waiting.

While it’s true that “bad things happen to good people” there is now an alternative to renting.

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